The $50 Billion Trip to Australia

On a brisk evening in Oakland, CA I had just finished dinner and was heading to the kitchen for a glass of wine when my phone rang unexpectedly. On the other end was Chris Dixon, the man who had recruited me to Hunch and negotiated the sale of the company to eBay for $80 million. He had a special mission, if I chose to accept it, involving a secretive adventure to Australia with a hand-picked team to re-invent the ailing eBay brand and website. The concept was simple: give users the ability to follow sellers, buyers, and product categories the way you can follow people and brands on Facebook and Twitter.

The team of six was leaving for Australia in less than 24 hours. Was I in, or out?

Flash forward to today: our comprehensive redesign and core functionality improvements are the new core of the eBay website. Our journey, including that wacky adventure to Australia, are profiled in Business Insider’s "You Can Explain eBay’s $50 Billion Turnaround With Just This One Crazy Story".